Class Descriptions

Strength and Balance

This class is a combination of strength training and basic movements to improve balance and flexibility. The class is designed for those that prefer a workout without the added impact to joints. A portion includes simple aerobic movements. No previous experience required.


Develop a conscious, calm mind through meditation with a focus on breathing. The stretch class is a practice of mindfulness to meet you where you are. The class include Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga movements. This is a gentle way to improve balance, reduce stress and increase flexibility.

Stretch and Balance

Dynamic stretching with movement. Balance exercises to help maintain strong leg muscles and prevent falls.  Improve your overall proprioception or you body's awareness of where it is in the environment.  We challenge your balance by creating situations where you feel a bit unsteady. Using support until your balance improves.

Line Dancing

This fun and energetic beginners class is great for anyone. It will  improve your cognitive skills and balance while having fun. You can impress and surprise your family and friends with your new skills at your next gathering.